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Further Improvements
by samster_taro (samster_taro)
at June 8th, 2005 (02:21 pm)

For the sake of organization, under my manager Naoko's recommendation, we have decided to color-code the different sections ^_^. These shall be posted up shortly. Also, I am pleased to announce that the steel-reinforced door section has been renovated to become a tea lounge for those desiring proper tea parties. For all those that wish to brawl, I have a dimensional door that will lead to our Battle Room (think X-Men's Danger Room). Here is the staff currently available.

Myself - Proprietor and Supplies ^_^

Naoko - Manager

Divabat - Supplies Asst. & Taster

Tea Servers TS-01 - To handle the reserved tables
TS-02 - To handle the public tables

Perfect Butler PB-01 - To handle the tea lounge

Cashier Matron CM - To handle payments and make wisecracks

Bouncer Guard BG-01 - To handle the rowdies. Equipped mainly with force-field generator and dimensional capabilities to accost and evict undesirables. Also has scotchtape and pacifiers for those who would spur foul language. You have been warned...

As you can see, we require more waiters and waitresses for the tables, butlers and maids for the tea lounge, a DJ for the dance floor and perhaps one or two more security personnel. Anyone interested?